Photo by Christopher 'Misha' Foley

things i don't want to forget

  • That one time, yeah I mean everyday

    I heard the music as I parked. The Cheesefactory had a mini ramp inside, or so I heard. An indoor mini ramp in Idaho Falls is a big deal so everyone is talking about it, then again lies are not as big a deal in Idaho Falls and everyone spreads them too. The barbed wire topped gate between two warehouses is open.

  • I want to know the rules

    Through second grade I was the new kid every year. When my Mom, Brother, Sister, and I moved to Idaho Falls we were different from other kids. Our neighbors lived in houses all their lives. Eating at resturants was a luxury. Staying in a motel was a vacation. Traveling farther than an hour in a day rarely happened. We were raised outside the rules of a normal childhood.

  • Its always the tools

    I really love Scrivner. I use it on the Mac, Windows and iOS. It worked flawlessly with Dropbox until, until Dropbox changed some of the features specifically, offline document syncing. I tried to edit some of my files on my iPad and WHAM big-ol error. Frustrated, yes I am. I upgraded my iPad from the 11” Pro to the 12.9” Pro model. To make it easier to write.

  • From Dev to Ops is Slooowww

    I have been pushing code lately. Some pyspark, some nodejs, a little python. I think through the problem, then create the project structure, then write some tests that will fail, then start coding. I make the tests pass, then I submit a code review. That is when other eyes question why I did what I did.

  • Apple Shortcuts are Awesome

    I knew the Apple Shortcuts app was awesome but the first time I opened the app I started at it like the blank page of my first english essay assignment. I couldn’t think of anything good to do with it. That is, until New Year’s Eve.

  • Projects

    I sometimes code and I save it. I have heard ops code is ‘scrappy code’, mine is ‘crappy code’ and I’m good with that. It gets the job done. If it helps you, have at it.

  • iOS DevOps Stuff

    I was responsible for compiling the iOS App for my companny. It was a pain to setup so I documented my steps in hopes of helping others. May my pain save you some.

  • Training

    I create training when I think it can be used again. Some of the content may not make much sense without corresponding lecture and presentations.

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