I have been pushing code lately. Some pyspark, some nodejs, a little python. I think through the problem, then create the project structure, then write some tests that will fail, then start coding. I make the tests pass, then I submit a code review. That is when other eyes question why I did what I did.

I did it because that is the way it worked after trying 5 other ways that failed.

My first instinct is frustration. I mean they didn’t take on the problem to solve? Whey do they think they can criticize my code? I invested many hours in what seems like such a small return. Two days of work and 200 lines of code? I am proud of the small contribution that took so much to make work.

My paranoia and fear is because I am learning and not an expert at coding. I come to my senses as quick as my frustration arose.

They are teaching me I just need to listen.

I may not like the comments but they are helpful. When they ask questions about why I solved the problem the way I did, I have to think through the process and explain it to someone else. It helps solidify my knowledge.

The process from idea to production is slow and I’m not used to how long it is taking to get solutions into the hands of consumers. I’m learning and maybe it will get faster.