I really love Scrivner. I use it on the Mac, Windows and iOS. It worked flawlessly with Dropbox until, until Dropbox changed some of the features specifically, offline document syncing. I tried to edit some of my files on my iPad and WHAM big-ol error. Frustrated, yes I am. I upgraded my iPad from the 11” Pro to the 12.9” Pro model. To make it easier to write.

Rather than pay $10/mo. for Dropbox Plus I started researching another solution. What about a git backed writing tool? I found some but they all required subscriptiosn and they were web based. So my next thought was, “What if I wrote an app? What if I wrote three apps? Web, iOS, and Mac?” It didn’t sound absurd in my head. Writing about it now, yes, it sounds rediculous.

As a technologist it makes perfect sense. I assume I could write the code and I can get what I want for free. Well, my warped mind thinks it is free. Really the hours, weeks, months to write the code is very expensive proposition.

The features I want.

  • Save text files
  • create git repositories in github
  • create branches
  • create commit messages
  • push to branches
  • merge branches
  • create pull requests