AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) CI/CD Ops Edition

Disclaimer The content of these pages are the opinions of mine and mine alone. It does not represent the opinions or any representation of AWS. Proceed at your own discretion.

The AWS CDK is an abstraction for creating CloudFormation templates. This is an introduction through more advanced concepts.


  1. AWS account setup.
  2. aws-cli installed and configured with key, secret key, and region.
  3. Node.js installed, the latest LTS version is acceptable.
  4. Text editor or IDE installed. I use Visual Studio Code.
  5. git-secrets installed to protect from committing aws credentials to a repository

Install Global Modules

open a command prompt and use npm to install a couple dependencies globally; aws-cdk and typescript.

npm i -g aws-cdk
npm i -g typescript

Each IDE has customizations that make coding in a language easier. This introduction is not intended to cover using a specific IDE

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