“What is your favorite genre…

“What is your favorite genre of book?” I wasn’t prepared to answer her question, “Um, I don’t know. I read lots of non-fiction.” As a swan it seemed her duckling days prepared her for conversations with awkward folk like myself, “That is unfortunate for you, I think this is the wrong venue,” waving her hand as if she were Vana White on Wheel of Fortune. Detailed costume enthusiasts passed never noticing the odd man in shorts and t-shirt with messenger slung across his shoulder. “It is true,” with nothing left to say we smiled and parted ways.

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We the people. Three words…

We the people. Three words starting the most influential document in history. A document that united a collection of states to fight against tyranny. The first three words to the preamble of the Constitution of the United States is America. We as a nation fought England, we fought against fascists, we fought against communism. We as a nation changed the world. We as a nation we can come together again.

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He looked at her and knows

She walked into the room. He looked at her, she at him and they smiled. He knows she is going home with him tonight. She walked toward him smiling. “Bea, I need a drink,” passing by to embrace her friend chatting with the group he could not see. He looks down at the cocktail napkin matted against the sweaty glass of whiskey on the rocks, watered down from standing too long alone. She will never know the awkward moment averted by his shyness.

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I have not added to…

I have not added to my top 100 photos in a long time. The latest timestamp on the photos are from 2016.

~Note to self, take more photos~

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Taking pictures to share defeats the purpose of doing

I asked myself, “Self, if you were younger and bored, what would you want to do?” Self scratched his chin, “Well, frisbee is fun.” I don’t have a frisbee, well I didn’t and now I do, but on the drive to get the frisbee I had a social aneurysm, “Self, if you are going to play frisbee you will have to take video cause pictures will not really convey the experience.” The anti-rational me was like, “WTF? Seriously? How the fuck will you throw and catch a frisbee while you take video? And no one cares about you playing frisbee, except those you at playing frisbee with!”

Why is my second thought, “How will I share this experience with someone who isn’t here, who doesn’t want to hang out with me, who has their own stuff they want to do?” The rational me has excuses and metrics about social media, and sharing with family who isn’t here with us, blah blah, fuck that. The people here with me now care about me, they are with me now because they care or in the instance of younger kids, they have to. Either way, they are here doing shit with me. They care about this moment more than anyone digitally ever would.

The anti-rational me has it figured out. Do what makes you happy and enjoy those who you are with. Forget the future, forget the past. Live, now, live.

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