Street Photography Inspiration, Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden is fearless. Throughout the 4 min and 3 sec of this video he encroaches on people’s personal bubble. Well, maybe the personal bubble of those of us raised out west. He pursues his craft, his art without apologies. Yet, in his work I see empathy and compassion under the gruff exterior. Bruce is attracted to something in the people he chooses to photograph. I believe he captures that which he sees. His project Only God Can Judge Me, isn’t funny nor exploitative. I see honesty and vulnerability in his portraits.

Bruce Gilden, a contemporary iconic street photographer. His photographs are as recognizable as his name. Bruce inspires me to understand my attraction to a scene or person and work at my craft to capture and communicate that feeling to my audience.

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Jason Lee, Skateboarding, and Photography

I have skateboards but I don’t skate much anymore. Friends I grew up with still skate. Even still, years later I identify with skating.

Of my friends who skate, I am the only one who photographs, so Jason Lee is so relatable in a skateboarding and photography way.

For anyone who skated or rode BMX, watch this short clip.

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