A friend inspired me to create my own site rather than pump my content to social media.  I create my content, I love that which I create, so I should control it. When posting to social media they use our content and distribute it to the world selling it for their own profit. I get it. They invested in developing and marketing their platform and that is the price to use it for free. I want more control of my stuff so here is my little experiment.

proceed or stop chris wessells street photography slc ut salt lake city
proceed or stop

Photography, writing, and technology that is what you will find in my corner of the world. I cannot separate them. I emphasize some, one, none at any time.

Use tags and categories to find related content. If you like what you see and read, let me know what is working and what is not.

If you are in the Salt Lake City, UT area and want to collaborate use the contact me form.

chris wessells slc street photography salt lake city ut
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