A book in a library

Alexander Graham Gesas-Paterson
Library and one of my favorite books

Alex opened the door to his house and walked through the foyer to the living room on the right. I followed him while the rest of our friends went downstairs. Alex was checking in with his Grandma. I entered the living room stopping just inside the doorway picking out the book Vertigo as I had many times before. Barbra sat in her rocking chair to my left. I walked around Alex standing in front of her to sit on the blue loveseat in front of the blue wallpaper with green, white, and blue yarn glued in vertical stripes. “Yeah Grandma we are going out again to our friend Doug’s house,” which was a lie. I turned another page telling the story of the wood carving pressed on the page. The book had no words, only images nearly six-hundred images. “What does vertigo mean?” I asked interrupting. “What is that dear?” Barbra asked. “What does Vertigo mean?” In my memory she smiled. I didn’t look up when I asked the question. “It’s disoriented like you are dizzy.” In her posh nasally voice. “Oh, cool.” I continued reading the story.

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