Oops I did it again, I bought another x100

Fujifilm x100f, black, red soft shutter button, leather half case, black and red wrist strap, with black aluminum lens hood

I tried not buying the x100f, I sort of tried. Sort of. I admit I have G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). I go on buying sprees then the guilt kicks in, so I sell the gear that is not used. Later I regret the decision.

Are you sure? You love that camera.

After taking the Eric Kim street photography workshop in San Francisco the summer of 2016 I made a decision. “I really loved my Ricoh GR, I am going to by a new one and get rid of my Fuji. I will have one camera, the Ricoh and that’s all,” I declared confidently two years ago. “Are you sure? You love that camera.” That is what her voice said whereas her eyes said, “Yeah, and you will buy another one when the next one comes out.” I sold my x100s within a couple weeks.

As of today the x100f has been on the market for around a year, give or take a couple months. I resisted for a year. Each time my mind wandered toward, “But it’s so awesome.” I pulled my attention back to my Leica and Ricoh whose shutter count is not increasing very fast. My last post pushed me over the edge. It was not the guilt of owning an amazing camera and not using it. No, it was the realization that I wasn’t out taking pictures.

I cannot remember the author, but a post I read years ago said something like, “Having an amazing camera does not mean you will take great pictures. Taking pictures and working at your craft means that eventually take great pictures. If you love a camera and having that camera gets you into the street taking photos, then get that camera.” Full disclosure, the quote supports my desire to try lots of new cameras.

In my experience the quote held true. When I really love my camera I will shoot more. Maybe I am a fickle photographer but really? I am an amateur photographer and I love being an amateur photographer. I must satisfy only myself. I do it for the love of art. I do it for the love of creation. I spend money budgeted for my play money.

I have three iconic street photography cameras. I don’t need to sell them so I won’t. If I yearn again for the manual simplicity of Leica, I’ll use mine. If I want a stealth pocket shooter, I’ll pick up the Ricoh. Otherwise you will see me with the Fujifilm up to my eye.

Happy Shooting,