Leica Guilt

Two years ago I convinced myself a Leica was the perfect camera for me. I sold my x100s six months prior. My only digital camera was a Ricoh GR II. I was browsing the local online classifieds too often. A few film and digital Leicas were for sale. When I started negotiations with the seller of a digital Leica. My wife surprised me. She was in kahoots with the seller. He wouldn’t respond to my requests in exchange she would buy the M240 as a gift.

I had a M6 with a summicron 50mm f/2. I popped it on my new body and off I went. I shot at every opportunity. The simplicity of Leica’s manual controls and clean menus pulled me into the mystique. I wanted to use it. I wanted to shoot just to use the camera controls.

At first I handled it so carefully. It is an expensive toy. After six months I was throwing it in my bag with little regard. A year later in Lightroom I noticed the number of photos taken since buying the Leica has dropped by 75%? Arrogantly or ignorantly I attributed it to my discerning eye and improved skill in photography. Another six months go by and I noticed that I didn’t go out as much to shoot. When I did go out to shoot, I hesitated taking the Leica. The times I did bring the Leica, I took it because I felt guilty that I owned it and didn’t want to use it.

The M240 is a great camera. It is simple and and a joy to use. It takes amazing photos. Some reasons I hesitated taking the Leica out shooting. It is heavy. Remember I came from an x100s and Ricoh GR II. The Leica was a discrete camera in the in the days of film. Today it stands out. Lastly I cannot seem to keep the sensor clean. There are always floaters in a light colored background. Maybe it is the lens too. I don’t know. I just want to take photos.

Another year passed. I still have my Leica. I still have guilt for not using it more. Rather than focusing my attention on the guilt, I am working on shooting more. It is working. My photo count still does not come close to three years ago but I’m ok with that. I am getting more consistent creating and expressing myself through photography.