Taking pictures to share defeats the purpose of doing

I asked myself, “Self, if you were younger and bored, what would you want to do?” Self scratched his chin, “Well, frisbee is fun.” I don’t have a frisbee, well I didn’t and now I do, but on the drive to get the frisbee I had a social aneurysm, “Self, if you are going to play frisbee you will have to take video cause pictures will not really convey the experience.” The anti-rational me was like, “WTF? Seriously? How the fuck will you throw and catch a frisbee while you take video? And no one cares about you playing frisbee, except those you at playing frisbee with!”

Why is my second thought, “How will I share this experience with someone who isn’t here, who doesn’t want to hang out with me, who has their own stuff they want to do?” The rational me has excuses and metrics about social media, and sharing with family who isn’t here with us, blah blah, fuck that. The people here with me now care about me, they are with me now because they care or in the instance of younger kids, they have to. Either way, they are here doing shit with me. They care about this moment more than anyone digitally ever would.

The anti-rational me has it figured out. Do what makes you happy and enjoy those who you are with. Forget the future, forget the past. Live, now, live.

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