Chris Wessells street photography black and white yashica electro35 gsn Cooling off on a hot day

Yashica Electro35 GSN, a $20 gem I found on a local classifieds website. I did not know then how much I liked the glass nor the rangefinder format. This camera kicked off a year of film with my Leica M6.

This photo is my daughter playing in a fountain on a hot 4th of July morning in Idaho Falls, ID. We waited intently for the parade to reach our spot and the kids were restless. I played in the fountain as a kid. The slimy mossy substance covering the bottom of the fountain made it fun, well for a ten year old. As an adult it can mean broken bones. It did not take her long to discover that which I learned many years ago as she balances herself near the edge of the water while she cools off.