Daniel Arnold, Street Photographer

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Daniel Arnold Street Photographer

Daniel Arnold’s website is clean and focused. The site has one thing, amazing street photographs. I scroll and scroll through great photograph after great photograph.

If you arrive at this post from a facebook or twitter link click the link above. I don’t know about you but I flip, flip, flip the screen with my thumb when I visit social media. Treat yourself and flip through an artful expression of contemporary life.

daniel arnold

The juxtaposition of the small person on the left and cartoonishly large person on the right is an amazing find.  The added goodness of “Handbag Heaven” in the background highlights the photo.  Lastly the third person getting into their trunk adds another element that balances the photo for me. I don’t notice the person on first appearance but three elements in a triangle relationship is comforting, like everything is right in the world.

two sets of professional
two sets of professionals

The initial count of 4 subjects with the column separating them creates balance. The last component of the image separating this photo from others is the advertisement in the background where the guy in the advertisement is looking down on the guy in the suit on the far right.  The 5th element calms my inner artists.

fly away with me
fly away with me

The last image I would like to share draws me in. Pigeons are like polite beggars from the animal world. They congregate around people waiting and cooing for crumbs. Then when approached, they fly away. I love the action in the photo and depth created by the birds.

Lastly if you want to learn more about Daniel Arnold, Eric Kim interviewed him in 2015.