shit i like

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I like Apple because their stuff works
I like Fujifilm X-Trans processors ‘cause their images are cooler
I like Leica ‘cause it’s basic
I like film because you are committed
I like prime lenses because too many choices suck
I like RicohGR because it’s small
I like William Klein because he doesn’t give a fuck
I like Eric Kim because he’s not afraid to help someone else get better
I like John Free because he is a true to his guns, great man
I like Canon cause it’s cheap
I like the X100 because it was my first camera crush
I like San Francisco because I proposed to my wife there
I like New York City because it is fucking awesome
I like punk rock ‘cause it is honest
I like concerts ‘cause you can’t hide a shitty musician
I like my Subaru BRZ because it’s mine
I like my pre-1979 Cadillac Coupe De Ville ‘cause it reminds me of my dad
I like Chevy muscle cars and pre-1973 trucks ‘cause I’m a Chevy kinda man
I like to pay for quality, not for the name
I like my kids to be independent and happy
I like to protect my loved ones from pain
I like to have conversations with my daughter
I like it when my son calls to share good news
I like to get shit done
I like to see my tattoos finished
I like to have money in the bank
I like to share my mistakes so you don’t have to repeat ‘em
If you don’t like me, well, fuck you ‘cause I don’t like you either